Our story

Green Grass was founded in 1994. That was before the internet made cheap promotional items easy to find online. Now a quick Google search will yield pages and pages of pens, caps and coffee cups that could very well serve your purposes—that is, if you want the same disposable stuff as everyone else. 

In 2012 we shifted our focus to products designed with intent and crafted with care. Sourced sustainably and found locally. Undiscovered gems that a quick Google search won’t unearth. That’s when Emily Lazare took over the family business. After years in the banking industry, Emily had a desire to pursue a career that blended her business acumen with her aesthetic interests. To build something with lasting value. 

Today we work with clients across industries, from non-profits to real estate developers to tech darlings and all points in between. Our goal is always the same: seek out original promotional solutions that totally true to you. 

That’s what we do. What do you do?


Who we are

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— Stephanie, Smith